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Advanced Photonics Systems GmbH
Pico second diode lasers, diode pumped solid-state lasers, photo detectors etc.

Analog Modules Inc., USA
Sensors and amplifiers, Laser electronics, Simmer supplies, Pockels’ Cell Drivers, Pulsed Flash lamp Drivers, CW Arc Lamp products, Laser Diode Drivers, Capacitor Charging Power Supplies, Low noise amplifiers, Photo detector-Amplifier modules, Fiber Optic Links, Laser Rangefinder receivers, Fast peak pulse stretchers, High Voltage Bias Supplies

Acexon Technologies Pte. Ltd., Singapore
Stereomicroscope, Zoom inspection Trinocular microscope, Laboratory/Education microscope, CCD cameras, Fiber Optic Illuminator

Altechna Co. Ltd., Lithuania
All types of Optics and Opto-electronics components, Lasers, Crystals, Diffractive Optical Element (DOE) etc.

Applied Image Group, USA
Optics, Coatings, Imaging, Glasstec, biomedical devices, micro fluidic carriers, test slides, DNA plates, micro channel plates, disposable mirrors.

A. A Sa, France
Acousto-Optics, Radio frequency, Microwaves equipments

Axometrics Inc., USA

Azure Photonics Co., China

Green, Blue line lasers, IR optics

Becker & Hickl GmbH
Time correlated single photon counting systems, detectors, amplifiers, ps diode lasers

Beijing Viasho Technology Co., ltd. China
DPSS Lasers, Q-switched pulse laser

Bangs Laboratories, Inc., USA

Plain polystyrene micro spheres, carboxyl ate-modified, Amino-modified, dyed, Fluorescent microspheres, Magnetic micro spheres, proactive, uniform silica micro spheres, QuantumPlex for cytokine analysis.

BERMAQ, Barcelona, Spain
Acrylic polishing machines, CNC routers [CR Milling machines, FCN-P Machining centers, EURO machining centers, Quick machining centers, AMI]

Blue Sky Research, USA
Diode lasers

BW TeK Inc., USA
BWB low noise violet/blue Laser, BWB low noise Green/Red/NIR Laser, BWF5 Compact
Microcomputer Based OEM Diode Laser

Cambridge Technology
Laser scanners, scanning mirrors etc.

China da heng, China
Optics, Coatings, Opto – Mechanics, Mechanical/Positioning components

CorActive High-Tech Inc. Canada
Active Fibers, Passive Fibers, OEM Modules & Sub-Assemblies, Attenuating,Photosensitive, Mid- to Far-Infrared


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